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New Poster - Couple of Questions


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This is my first post on the official boards, so hello everyone:


I registered my pre-order back in September, but I've been following the progress of the game for a while and basically just lurking on the various forums trying to soak up pertinent information. I have a couple questions, however.


First, is there a way to see which threads the mods have posted in other than searching their user names or whatnot? I'm not QQing or anything I was just curious.


My second question is regarding in-game, and I'm sorry if I missed this information posted elsewhere. I also didn't get a chance to play in the beta weekends so I'm still a bit ignorant on some things. How exactly do Flashpoints work? I understand they are this game's version of instances or standard dungeons. Do you just find a party and travel to them? Is there a queueing method? Can you join Flashpoints in progress? I guess this was more than one question haha.


Thanks everyone!

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