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4x Casuals LF HM/NiM PvE guild


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Hey all. There's four of us looking for a new home. We all raid together in WoW (5/13 Heroic) and play SWTOR on our off-nights. We are looking for a HM/NiM progression PvE focused guild who would e willing to take 4x casual members. We are all geared and capable of filling in for your raids if required; but also looking for a home where the weekly flashpoint isn't a drama either.


We play republic side GMT +10. If your guild has space for us we'd really like to join you.


Cortic-Ds - Gunnery Commando

Val'dezz - Combat Sentinal

Velly - Seer Sage

Cloudan - Defence Guardian


You can either reply to this thread or contact one of us in-game for a chat. Look forward to our new home!

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The First Order would love to have you. We try and fulfill all aspects of the game, ranging from the casual FP and SM op player all the way to the Hardcore Progression op groups. We have 4 groups running and are always looking for more players to fill in on those off nights. Our guild is currently 1/7 NiM SV and 2/5 NiM TFB.


Oh and when I say Hardcore Progression groups I really mean a bunch of jokesters and trolls who really know their class and learn raid mechanics very quickly.


Hope to get a response from you!


And see you in game.


~Noelle XD

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<The Ex-Dalborran Elitists> are a GMT +10 PVE Guild looking to boost its ranks. In particular we are looking for some casual members for potential fill in roles should our members not be available. Feel free to contact me here or in game on my Sentinel Erodoeht


We are current progressing through NiM TFB 2/5

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