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Lethality PvP - my current build and advice sought


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Hi all

I'm enjoying my Sniper in non-ranked, solo-q warzones.

Gradually getting through the gear grind (currently conqueror relics/ear/implants, partisan the rest, all purple cunning augs)

I'm working on my Conqueror armour/rifle/knife now and would appreciate some advice on min/maxing


I feel I'm doing ok in damage (I don't judge myself by the total on the leaderboard as I spend time running between objectives/guarding/distracting etc.. as needed by the team), but there is always room for improvement.


here is my current gear set-up and Skill tree




my rotation (if i get a chance to turret) is usually

Cor grenade on all

corrosive dart

weakening blast

expl probe

tar acquired

shatter shot




(repeating SS/Cull/Td/SoS as available)

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Would love to see some SS from warzones you play where you can see your dps, total damage and other stuff =)


The total damage per zone score from the final leaderboard is about the only measure you can see and that, for me at least, varies widely from match to match (depending on how I have played - I may have spent a lot of time guarding an objective, running between 'hot zones' or may have managed to 'turret-up' and spend a lot of time just dishing out the damage).


I have not bothered with parsers as I believe the same issues will cause these to be useless for monitoring pvp damage.



I know its difficult to assess damage output in PvP, just wondering if anyone ha some tips of their own, when looking at my set-up etc..

I've looked into this quite deeply, and managed to find lots of good, but conflicting advice, especially around stat builds, some say extra crit, some say get to 25%. Some say 95% Accuracy is fine, some say get to 100% (In my own experience, at a tiny shade under 95% accuracy I don't see enough misses to be concerned)

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