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Characters Bio ? Suggestion ?


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Dear EA


Can I make a suggestion, that could improve game play, and more so role playing.


That on your characters, you can make their custom bio's about a paragraph long, explaining what they are about and who they are. Possibly to be view when u click on there portraits and additional options come up, or something.

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From the Community Q&A last year:


Asturias: Are you guys looking to let players incorporate a Bio for each character so others can read it. I always loved how some MMOs had this option for others to read a quick Bio of my character that I created and I could read theirs.


Daniel: Unfortunately because of our intricate mission systems we are carrying a massive amount of variables for each character already so we are forced to be a bit stingy with things like customizable text. That said, we’re already researching solutions for making this content lighter to drag around with each character and I’d love to see it. Nothing soon, though.


(Daniel = Daniel Erickson, Lead Game Designer)



People want larger mission logs, performance improvements and more RPG elements. The devs just can't win.

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