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Need some help with PVP and Expertise


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Hello all,


I played SWTOR when it first came out, I have one of the Founder titles and I have a lvl 52 Sith Sorcerer. I lvled him about a year ago to 50, then I stopped playing and just recently returned. I'm having a hard time in PVP. I have Champion Force Master's gear on but my Expertise is only 998. I see level 30 characters with expertise of 2000!! How the heck are they having Expertise of 2000 at level 30?! Shouldn't my mods on my armor at level 50 be better than what a level 30 can get? Also, when I inspect their character, I see no gear on them that states it includes Expertise. How is it that they have such high expertise and are kicking my arse around in PVP?


Im very unfamiliar with all the new updates that happened to SWTOR in the past year, so if anyone can shed some light onto this, I would very much appreciate it.


Thanks for your time.



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There's a new thing called "Bolster". It ... well, "bolsters" PvE equipment now. Which means that PvE equipment gets kind of "shifted" onto a basic PvP level. I think it was the Recruit Gear level, but I'm not sure (I'm not an PvP expert at all).


But - FULL PvP equipment - there's new one ! - still has an advantage over bolstered PvE Equipment - because PvP equipment still gets Expertise, but PvE equipment don't.


In the end, this means that you need to farm new PvP equipment.


And - if you like the looks of your older PvP equipment, then keep it. Because - as far as I know - it has been patched out of the game.


This is as far as I've understood things so far.


You might get more information in the PvP forums - but beware of the harsh tone there !


P.S. : There has been quite some class re-balancing, too.

Look into the Dev blog for that.

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