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Please, add hard to get Orange Schematics


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Dear mods!

I had a blast learning all the orange schematics I could these last days, but ill soon know all the recipes and all that remains is selling stuff. I think that shouldn't happen.


Please, if you could pass it to the designers, tell them to add more hidden schematics that are either hidden or hard to get.


-orange schematics that you can buy from reputation vendors.

-orange schematics that you can buy only after specific achievments

-orange schematics that you can only buy after achieving certain legacy levels

-orange schematics that you can buy only after certain valor levels. And all of these should have valor requeriments.

-orange schematics that you can buy only after certain social levels. And these should have social requeriments.

-orange VERY rare schematics that you can only get with the seeker droid


Also, one thing I love is the special reward for those who keep their profession. That happens specifically with the battlemaster and war hero schematics. If you bought them when they were available, you now have recipes that can no longer be acquired in the game. Please, add schematics that get periodically sold out every year. That extra reward makes those designs super rare as time goes by, and allows the crafter to be rewarded as time goes on.


I understand why you don't allow us to make adaptive gear, its the perk of the cartel market. However, we should not be competing with the cartel market. Cartel market should continue to grow and provide iconic class armors that you cannot normally use due to your class. We, however, should provide unique class specific armors, on top of the augment business.

Loving the crafting so far!

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