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Easy Legacy Level Bonus


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Another quick and easy (unless there is some really nasty hardcoded stuff in there) solution to give the higher legacy levels could be to unlock character 'rest/recover' animations for the entire legacy. For example when I get to level 55 with an inquisitor and I have legacy level 30/35/40 I could unlock their recover animation 'seethe' for say other empire characters. And to make it a more robust system, when I get to legacy 45/50 It could unlock for their opposite faction. Why? I have a light side inquisitor and a dark side consular. It would be a simple QoL while giving us higher legacy levels something else. Not sure if anyone else would be interested, and some might not make sense (trooper recover on a jedi?!?!?!?!). Maybe they would require certain weapons be equiped (this would make it harder so not sure). Maybe unlocking other race recover abilities (chiss datapad recover) when you reach a certain legacy level too. All the animations are already there, just need to expand who they are available to.
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