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<Insurrected> (Empire) Recruiting for Progression (Nightmare) Raiding


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Insurrected is currently recruiting skilled players of all classes and roles, to bolster our rosters as we progress through the new content. We are a smallish guild, with approximately 10-15 active raiders, currently, but all of our raiders are skilled and dedicated to progressing though content as fast as possible, and are looking for applicants who share this mindset. We raid 3 nights a week Tuesday-Thursday 8pm - 11pm Server Time (Eastern), with options to raid Sunday or Monday if needed for progression runs. We are looking for a few exceptional applicants to fill roles on our progression team. You should know your class and the fights exceptionally well (although no NiM TfB/SV experience is required).


Insurrected is a progression oriented, 8M based raiding guild whose goal is to clear all content as fast as possible. Our past achievements speak for themselves:

  • Empire first clear of Hard Mode Terror from Beyond (8M, at level 50)
  • Empire first clear of Hard Mode Scum and Villainy (8M)
  • Server first clear of Hard Mode Golden Fury (8M)


While we usually focus on 8M content, we have been known to do 16M raids. In the past, prior to the launch of the recent expansion, we've cleared EC HM and TfB HM on 16M difficulty. As for our regular raid teams, our 8M teams routinely work together, trading members from week to week, to ensure that everyone gets a chance to clear content. We also routinely work with our newer folks, to help optimize their gear, tweak their rotations, and improve their understanding of difficult fight mechanics. We distribute loot fairly, using a common Suicide Kings loot distribution model.


Our guild offers the following benefits to its members:

  • Mumble Server
  • Guild website (powered by Guild Launch) with active forums
  • Guild bank with 4 tabs
  • Stims and repair funds for raiders
  • Publicly available raid strategy guides


If you are interested in applying to our guild, you are welcome to follow this link and fill out an application. Additionally, you can seek out one of the officers online, and discuss your application with us directly. Look for Izzo or Saevius, or speak to any of our members and they will point you in our direction.



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We have an opening for a geared healer with experience in nightmare mode content. Our current guild progression is 4/5 NIM TFB and 3/7 NIM S&V. Also we are also starting a third ops group soon. Anyone interested in HM/NIM content may apply. We are always looking for skilled players. Feel free to put in an app on the website or contact us in game. Edited by Dellenn
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