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Vs veangeance/vigi


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I need some help here, I tend to lose many 1vs1 against warriors especially vengeance. And since im actually rerolling an agent for the crit buff, I wont be able to reroll a warrior soon enough to learn them.

Can you share some tips vs them?

I always open them with force breach>project, to avoid the reflect they tend to use after spinning kick>shadow strike, is it ok?

With their great defensive cds when I put them down to 30% they regain almost 100% back (with the stim i suppose) it's like they have 2 lives lol. Should i vanish after their cd of +30% hp till it go or not?

Oh and one last question, if I use resilience just before their force push, is the force push considered as spent? or is it still available like when we use force breach against sorc force barrier? Thanks

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Try opening with:

Spinning Kick

Shadow Strike

Force Stun

Force Potency

Force Breach



This way he'll either be stunned when you unload Breach + Project, so no need to worry about Saber Reflect. When he does use his reflect, just use two melee attacks and it won't have done him any good at all other than possibly delaying your burst by two GCDs. If he uses his stun breaker at any point during the battle, you've likely won as you can simply vanish + sap and heal up with Meditation.


If Force Push is used with Resilience up, yes it will be spent and on cooldown for 45-60 seconds depending on spec. Obviously, you should try to avoid giving a Vengeance player opportunities to leap to you, since Unstoppable makes it difficult to interrupt Ravage.

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A good vigi like a good watchman is very problematic to a shadow. You asked about the vigi spec so you have an extra stage of annoyance with their unremitting attacks. You claim you are using shadow strike, breach, etc, so I assume you play infiltration. Checklist : are you using the best spec for maximum damage? Which spec are you using?


With their great defensive cds when I put them down to 30% they regain almost 100% back (with the stim i suppose) it's like they have 2 lives lol. Should i vanish after their cd of +30% hp till it go or not?


Looking at this part, you are seeing endure pain or enure at work. They have the ability to increase their maximum HP temporarily. If you survive long enough for the effect to wear off, you will see that if you continue to do damage through enure, they will be very low in HP at the end of this effect .


You need to be weary of the dots they apply, plasma brand, un-intreruptable master strike, ravage, even scream/bladestorm. I cannot tell you , open with this, do that, do this because it is dependent on your opponent. You need to adapt your attacks when saber reflect is on for example. If the guy uses saber reflect in the beginning, your opener needs to be delayed. I often kill vigi warriors like this :


1. Cloak towards him

2. Use blackout because cd of blackout resets as soon as I get out of stealth

3. Spinning strike, shadowstrike, low slash, shadowstrike+force potency breach. He will panic and start popping his cds. You will practically take 50% hp with this move, the second shadowstrike will crit.

4. Wait for the cd and unremitting to wear off. Drag it out and keep him in a blind spot so he can't leap.

5. He will get annoyed and push you so he can leap to you again, when all this happens, be weary of his dots on you and cleanse with resilience. If he leaps with unremitting and does masterstrike, use deflection or your wz adrenal.

6. He will pop enure and this is where I will low slash him again. If he has unremitting then I won't low slash him.

7. On reflect, you need to use melee attacks that do little damage, saberstrike for example to get some force back.



So as you can see, there is no standard way of doing it. You also need to have RNG on your side. If you don't he will kill you. I often cloak halfway to re -spinning kick- or worse case scenario when I get pwned badly due to gear difference or skill, i sap and heal

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