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Wrath Reborn Guild Recruitment


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We are just as concerned of player compatibility as you are. A good choice in a guild may lead to new friendships and a band of players having fun exploring the SWTOR galaxy. Our guild reputation strives on high socialization and a mutual understanding of achieving personal goals, while you help the guild achieve it's own.


Wrath Reborn has allied itself with the Galactic Republic, with no preference to light or dark side alignment. We have a casual style of gameplay with a mixture of PvE/PvP and has existed since the launch of the game. Our guild leadership has combined elements of authoritative and a democratic process. Guild ranking is simplistic and we have 90 members listed on the roster


There are no requirements to having all your characters join this guild or be active in the forums. You do not need to have knowledge of Star Wars lore. Crafting is a personal choice, but is requested that you participate in the guild bank. We also request you use the voice chat listed in the guild window, but it is optional. It is expected that interaction between members will be respectful and mature.


In the end, we all just want to share in the fun of playing the game of SWTOR and together, we will all rise to meet the challenges of the endgame content. We are located on the Jedi Covenant server and if you're interested in joining Wrath Reborn, checkout our website:




or whisper Dasuno or Flor'ian for a guild invite.


We also will entertain the idea of merging with smaller guilds. We look forward to seeing you all out there.

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Here is an updated URL thread to access the guild Website:





Wrath Reborn understands the struggles of smaller guilds to keep going. Power is in a show of force. We would like to offer any guild, that is entertaining thoughts of merging with another guild, to mutually enhance each other. Please post in this thread or contact Dasuno (alt: Legacian) in game to begin a dialog of merging.

Thank you.

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In the Community Forum on the SWTOR website, there is a guild recruitment quiz for players who are looking for a specific guild to join. The quiz is named The Ideal Guild Quiz. Not all guilds are created equal. Not all guilds make the cut to be placed on that quiz list of guilds. I am proud that our guild meets the high standards that the quiz administrators require. Just one more exciting tool to add members into our own community. Keep up the great work everyone!
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My IGN is one of many :D Jaden_Antilles is the one to contact. I'm somewhere close to 40, male, single, full time student, volunteer at the animal shelter, have two kitties, drive a gas guzzling bronco, so yea that's enough about that. I currently have three level 55 toons, a focused knight, a healing smuggler, and a shadow tank *forget which build* and many other alts both imp and pub side between 1 and 40. My 55's are geared in 66s (don't quite remember what the earings and implants are). I haven't played much this year due to school. Now that I've decided not to take summer classes I'm getting back into the game. The guild I'm in now has been put into hibernation for ... well who knows how long.


So I'm looking for a new guild, I don't want to be required to post on a forum, I don't want to be required to have all of my toons in the guild (I'll leave those not in guildless), don't want to deal with little kid bs/attitudes, haven't run any OPs ever so I'm looking for a guild that won't mind taking a newb along :D. I'd prefer voice chat to be optional, I have no qualms about listening during ops/fps/bs'ing :D just not thrilled with talking until I get to know you).


My skill rotations are probably "bad" ... for the first year of playing I didn't know there were "good" ones that people expect you to use. Doesn't much matter to me if you have a guild in both factions as I have no idea which toons I'll play the most right now. I have a 450 cybertech, 450 synther, and 450 artifice (all on pub side). My armormech is somewhere between 400-450, don't have a clue about the rest since I haven't checked in awhile. The only imp side crafter I have is my bio guy and I don't remember where he's at :D


I'm looking at a couple of different guilds so this is a copy/paste job to see what's out there :D Yes I did the ideal guild quiz which is why I'm posting in your thread ;)


EDIT: Forgot to say that I am not a hardcore pvp'er but wouldn't mind the occasional bout.

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