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The Sovereign Order recruiting (RP Guild)


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The Sovereign Order is now recruiting!


If you feel the need for some great company, while travelling the worlds and killing off Republic Soldiers and Jedis, look no further! The Sovereign Order is a friendly RP Guild for Imperial players and we are currently looking for new members. We consist of three sections, the Sith (Sith Warriors and Sith Inquisitors obviously), the Imperials (Imperial Agents) and the Mandalorians (Bounty Hunters).


Now, what's in it for you? You get several friends you can bring with you on your missions, you get nice company while levelling up, you get the opportunity for some interesting role-playing and you get a nice bonus to your XP.


RP, what's that? Well, basically, it's playing a role (sic!) which some of us are very fond of. We're not terribly hard-core, but on our forums, we have a nice friendly instruction manual on what we mean by RP. It's not hard, just respect your fellow players regardless of their in-game level and use your imagination and you'll be fine. If you never have roleplayed before, we can help you getting started. We are several very experienced roleplayers who can help you along.


There will be some kind of trial period, depending on your RP experience and maturity. There are several players who mistakenly feel that the best way to play Dark Side/Empire is to be as obnoxious and unfriendly as possible. We really, really don't want those guys in our guild.


Now, does this sound fine, or what? Of course it does! Just find one of us in-game, or visit t-s-o.enjin.com and you'll soon have your chance to join!


PS: As of this moment, we have a council position open. If you're an expert in Mandalorian Lore, or Manda-Lore as we of strange humour would like to call it, you could apply for the position of Third Mandalorian (which is the fancy Sith name for the combined RP/History guy in the Bounty Hunter part of the guild).

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