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Favorite armor for marauder

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My favorite headpiece has always and will always be Karragga's Helm. But for people who don't want to or don't like PVE my next favorite and the one I use on 2/3 sets of gear (I have 2 maras, one of them I don't do pve on) is the ablative resinite:



For chest piece I Love the sandperson bloodguard (adaptive) from the Grand Acquisitions Race event. I also think the Xenotech weaponmaster chest piece is the best (and one of the few good looking) medium armor chests out there for maras.

Sadly compared to sentinels, marauders got crap looking gear. Much easier to find a good looking piece pub side :/

Hands, legs and feet I don't think matter. Chest and head are the most visible.

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