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Set Bonus BS


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So I never do Ops, never really wanted to but I got a hankering today. I went into it with a Pre 2.0 "Rakata Set Bonus" all my stuff had Basic [66] Mods and Enhancments with Campaign Armoring for the set bonus [Minus the chestplate with has a Basic 66 Armoring so I was rocking 4/5 4 Piece set Bonus, so I do my first Op Terror From Beyond, was SO much fun. I even got a Unassembled Arkanian Footwear from it, so I was like sweet now I can upgrade my boots to better mods/armoring....and then the BS happened. I got the boots [Arkanian War Leader or w/e its called] put them on and..saw my 4 piece set bonus just went to a 3 piece. Check the boots and I was at a 1 Piece for "Underworld Set Bonus"...now *** is this crap. Why is it saying they are two different set bonuses? I check its the Underworld Set Bonus and Rakata are the exact same for Set Bonus for 2 and 4.


Thats total bull so now unless I wanna have just a 2 piece set bonus I have to keep these boots in storage till I get more?

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