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Heavy Hitter!


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So I'm wondering how hard you guys are hitting? I'm full partisan at least, running 5/36/5 http://www.swtor-spy.com/skill-tree-calculator/jedi-shadow/20/?build=002300000000000000000000000000000320230221102030221022000212001003020000000000000000000000000000&ver=20

Build and gear given for referance.


Now I crit a Empowered ShadowStrike (SS) for 6500 mostly sometimes I'll hit 7000 plus. There a Assassin on our server that, in every match I've played against him hits 8k plus. Is he running a hybrid and that damage isnt from SS? Is he fully power geared? I'm just not sure how he gets there...


So, what do you infil shadows hit on a crit SS? And, how do you think he's getting to 8k

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Pvp doesn't matter.


9130 more or less. But with 63 hilt lol. Full 69 with some 66 without relics.



Infiltration hits a lot hard. :love:




Atm 1006 power. With 2 28 Aug others old Aug pre 2.0

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Jesus, that's pretty huge. If you could take the time to post your stats I'd appreciate it. If you get time.


That's what she said. Lol, sorry bad joke...


My stats are:



Melee dmg: 1220-1474

Crit: 22.55%

Surge: 75.6%

Force dmg: 1095



Melee dmg: 1325-1627

Crit: 22.67%

Surge: 75.6%

Force dmg: 1182

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if you want big hits, Crackshot is the one to mirror (although mine aren't too bad) he's got the highest hit on our server by about 600 (i haven't submitted my 9900 in a rated match yet, mainly cause I'm still in second)
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