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Appearance Customization Kiost Requests - Facial Hair/Complexion


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1. Please make non-3D facial hair available to players. Numerous NPCs have this, but the character creation screen only allows incredibly massive and bushy facial hair.


Examples of non-3D facial hair:

Torian Cadera - http://i.imgur.com/kww1RZp.jpg

Captain Revar - http://i.imgur.com/KHp0Qly.jpg

Captain Gostel - http://i.imgur.com/6csHjax.jpg


2. Wrinkles and most signs of aging are not available to players. I suppose all the class stories feature a young hero or heroine, but for RPers it would be nice to be able to have a character that actually looks old.


3. The "Complexion" option in character creation includes too many things all at once:

- Eyebrows

- Facial hair

- Goggle tan

- Faux-"dark side corruption"

- Freckles

- Skin discoloration

- Sometimes even makeup too, depending on race/class/gender

...and as such offers very little available customization despite the number of options because even if you may want one aspect from a certain Complexion option, it may have many undesirable aspects and there's no way to choose these individually. Also about half the options seem to have fake dark-side corruption.


Perhaps the most well-known example is that for male characters, it is impossible to have a five-o'clock shadow without either a) incredibly bushy, low-res eyebrows or b) a goggle tan. Therefore it would be nice to be able to choose eyebrows, facial hair, and goggle tan separately.


4. Scars should be available to Inquisitors


5. Please add more hairstyles with the "Padawan braid", and also make both versions available. I like starting my Jedi characters with the braid but unfortunately there has been no way to have it removed after the trials on Tython have been completed.






6. Allow players to toggle between different levels of dark side corruption. For example, the yellow eyes are canon but are only for Dark I to Dark III.

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