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Alteraan quest - Secret Randevous bugged?


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This is where you get the last relic for Zash (if you are Sith). Anyway, You can enter that area two ways but one of the ways is red so you cannot enter. So I go to the other place where you can get into the area and it is like a 'heroic" area and everybody is elite.

Since it is the only way for me to finish this quest, I ran but was of course killed. When I came alive again it said that I am now flagged for PVP. I waited for it to go away but it did not, so I got myself killed again to see if that would get rid of PVP flag but also did not.


So now I have TWO problems:


How do I get rid of being flagged PVP?


How am I supposed to do this important quest if it is impossible to get into the area?

I did it before with my Assassin but was able to sneak and did not really notice that it was unaccesible.

Now I am doing the quest with my Sith Sorcerer.


I cannot go on now. Is this perhaps a bug that they are all elite guys in the entry to the area?

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You are probably in the wrong area. I just ran that quest during weekend and I remember no Heroic zone...

I assume it is the step where you have to meet the Jedi in caves right? There should be only one entrance into the cave.


Or do you mean getting into the general area of Glarus Valley? That has two entrances, Imperial one is the bottom one, the top one is for Republic and leads to republic base, so that is probably the "heroic" area you speak of. Basically, you need to have the river on your right, not left.

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