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Downloading swtor


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Hey guys,


Been downloading swtor for 26 hours straight, 100% uptime. I just finished main assets 1 which was 11.something GB, now on to main assets 113 at 5 GB.

Anyone know what else is to go? Will I actually get to play tonight? Or another night of leaving the computer running?


I'm in Dubai and have decent internet. Can download HD tv-shows and films from iTunes in minutes (MINUTES), so I don't think it's an internet problem, but swtor is downloading at 200 KB/s top speed, averaging at 20-30 KB/s during the day. Been a pretty boring 26 hours!

Thanks :rak_02:

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It must be somewhat to do with geography. I mean, with similar internet speeds in the UK I, as said above, can download the game in 2-3 hours fully. Here, I am STILL downloading.. I'm currently downloading 'English Assets 1' at 72 KB/s. It's been what, 36 hours now? 100% uptime. Absolutely ludicrous.

And as I said, I can download other stuff just fine out here, oftentimes quicker than I can in the UK. Just, not this.. :confused:

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