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Bug or Other - GF FP Queue

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Queued for HM, waited forever with multiple decline groups before finally getting a group 'in progress'.


Hit accept, hit travel instantly, loading screen finishes and all I get is a message with something like 'you are not in this phase' and I'm booted out with a cooldown on re-queuing with the 'you cannot enter the queue because you have recently left a group finder destination'.


Bug? And what the hell is with getting a cool down?


Edit: Found a 'removed from group' message.


Apparently (after a tense whisper convo) the tank felt my HP was too low and just kicked the second I accepted without bothering to check that I had 66 and better gear, just no ridiculous endurance armoring nor alphabet mods.


Still stupid to get a cooldown for being kicked, and beyond idiotic to kick someone without inspecting and finding out if they have done the content.


Since I did catch the names of all in the group, I went ahead and added them all to my ignore lists across my characters, including several tanks and heals.


Sad - since finding decent players can sometimes be a challenge and instead of possibly making more connections, some idiot decided 28K was what a dps should have to run a 55 HM.

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That's a shame dude. Specially since the guild I'm in has been doing 55 hm for a while now and we all started in campaign / dread guard gear and our dps at that time had 24k HP . Sorry to hear that you got treated so badly before even given a chance. :(


people got used to out gear HMFPs by miles and bale out on first sign of challenge.... I don't care that much about it, dps can be replaced, healers don't take long, and my main and favorite role is tank... so if they cry to much, I just make them kick me, /ignore and que again...

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