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Carnage and keeping track of procs


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I have recently started leveling my marauder, and have decided to mainly to PvP with Carnage as my spec of choice.

My question is, how do you keep track of the Slaughter and Execute procs in a reasonable way?


Looking at my buff bar or looking for a certain animated effect on my character while affected by several debuffs and buffs with their own animation subtracts too much attention from the heat of the battle and the surrounding warzone.

And I can't get the fly/combat text to display the gain of buffs.


So is there a way to fix the UI to better keep track of those procs, or do I have to wait until maybe Bioware wants to add it to the game?

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You can keep track of slaughter by watching your quick bars.

If slaughter procs, then Gore will be up and Viscous Throw isn't greyed out.

The only time you need to question it, is when both abilities are up and your target is below 30%.

At times like those, just glance at your buffs to check.


Execute is a bit harder since its only visible effect is the buff.

When you'd normally use Scream, just glance to your buffs for it.


Looking for slaughter's proc is pointless. All of its effects are to bring abilities off cd and up for use.

Execute is the only important one. I don't know the best way to check for it, besides glancing at your buffs.

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