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pvp relics for dps shadow/sin


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If you are Balance spec take 2 the relic of Serendipitous Assault. They have an independent (but not stackable) 480 power bonus for 6 seconds (20sec internal CD). In Infiltration spec the proc rate goes way down but even so if you pack 2 90% of times you engage combat it will proc one of the relic giving you +100 bonus damage in the first 6 seconds of the fight (that works tremendously well with shadow strike ^^).

In Balance spec the 2 relics just proc all the time. The downtime of the proc in my shadow is about 6 seconds. The rest of the time i'm with +100 bonus damage.


If you want an alternative in Infiltration go to the Internal damage proc relic, because this damage isn't mitigated by armor. I don't think the 9% amour pen is enough to make the kinetic proc relic worth (but this I am not certain of).


But in my opinion even for Infiltration 2 relics of Serendipitous Assault are the BiS.

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power relics - 845 more power generates nice dmg spikes.


The Power ones are no good i dont think for a dps Shadow? Maybe dps tank, but the only self heal a dps shadow does is BT.




Edit (Sorry i stand corrected i just read the tooltip)

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