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SWTOR Death Race!


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So..... I've had what I think is a simply brilliant idea.


What if, there were special speeders added to the Cartel Market.... (I am using the Cartel Market instead of having it be a Speeder Quest in-game, because as a F2P/transactions model like we are now, most of this type of thing is something I would expect to see in the market to generate revenue.) And what makes these speeders special, is that while you are mounted on them riding around, you not only have your normal bonus to keep from getting knocked off, but if you RUN INTO mobs while speedering around, you actually HIT them, dealing damage and potentially killing them depending on your level compared to theirs.... Then, there could be a new set of Achievements, that you gained points towards for hitting certain types of mobs, creatures, factions/etc. SWTOR Death Race!!!! And you should definitely get extra points for killing Jawas... :jawa_angel:


The main things I see, would be that there would have to be only 1 "rank" of speeder. I don't think you should be able to buy a speeder than does more damage than another one, simply by spending more money. The speeder is either a regular plain old speeder and you travel around like normal, or it's a death race speeder. Also, I am not sure how I feel about it with regards to PvP. Obviously not useable in warzones, but it might be interesting if it was useable in Open-World. Now, I play on a CareBear server, so I don't have input for how I think it should work on PvP servers.


I've run it across a range of friends/players, and they concur that the magnitude of it's awesomeness is without equal. (Although they could be stroking my ego, or simply being sarcastic.... either way, it serves my purpose to take them at face value.)


I really wanted them to put in swoop racing like KOTOR had, but this would be EVEN better than that.






I'm mean...... DUDE!



I don't know about everyone else, but since the game has gone F2P, I've not had the desire to open up my wallet to purchase many Cartel Coins outside of my monthly stipend as a subscriber..... But for this? I would absolutely take my wallet out of my pocket, take out my credit card, and throw it directly at the screen.

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