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Resolve mechanics - Needs adjustments


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I would like for BW to re-adjust the Resolve bar.


Since at the moment, it works very poorly, the point in my mind is that the Roots should also affect the Resolve bar.

As of the current moment, only the stunned and knocback affect the resolve bar (and it is still sometime bugged, as I was knocked back or stunned while my Resolve bar was going down, it happened to a lot of my friends to).

(Also since I PvP daily, I experience the Resolve bar being bypassed couple of times a day at least)

But the roots doesn't affect the resolve bar, and because of this reason some classes like Sniper/Gunslinger, and Marauders/Sentinels have an advanced position PVP-wise.

Also, when people fill your resolve bar with stuns (of course counting you survive, cause the Resolve is really long to take to fill), then they starts to root you, and you cannot do anything basically, and You/I end up dead because everyone from opposite team got time to gather around you.


Also because Marauders/Sentinels and Juggernauts/Guardians have only 13/15 seconds CD on Leap.

You are constantly leaped, and it doesn't fill the resolve bar, the leap roots you and then they can stun you anyway.


So I would like for BW to look into the Resolve mechanics, and for them to consider to make the roots affect the Resolve bar.

Also try to fix or minimize the bypassing of Resolve bar by some abilities (which happens accidentally sometimes)




Also while I'm at it, I would like for Developers to look into ability of Shadows/Assassins, called "Resilience/Shroud".

Because, for me and many people I know (and from forums), this ability bugs.

Meaning sometimes tech/force attacks damage and effects bypass Shroud (while your in middle of it, not using it at the same time)

It especially (not only) happens in Hutball, I many time over, daily have at least 1 or 2 moments when my Shroud or Resolve bar bugs.

I PVP daily, on the TRE (Europe) server, from minimum 10 to countless war-zones dailies, and:

It isn't a "Rage Post".

I just want BW to pay attention to it since, the bug and bad mechanise (in my opinion) for Resolve bar, and bugged Shroud been there for long time.


(I myself play an Assassin and Shadow (also have Sentinel and Marauder, Scoundrel and Sorcerer -

all over lvl 50).

Countless time I get knocback from tech/force knocbacks even though it's written that I supposedly resisted it, and it not because I timed it bad or something. I'm like 2 second out of 5 in Shroud/Resilience and I get the "flying messages" "resisted", but I get knocback anyway or stunned from tech/force.)



Xibbo (TRE- Europe)

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The way I see it the way resolve should be tied to abilities used. Resolve should be a timer bar when you've been held by 1 minute you get 15 seconds of freedom. Additionally the resolve bar should not reset until the player is hit with another stun.


So you have been held for 1 minute the next stun starts your immunity for 15 seconds as your bar clicks down and reset. Each type of hold has a base time that it holds you for so that time is applied to your resolve bar until you've bar is full.


A player could then essentially go the rest of the match with a full resolve bar as long as they are not hit with a cc.

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