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newish player, guardian elite gear question?


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Hello everyone, I've been playing around 4 weeks and I'm about to hit 50 with my guardian. I do the vigilance tree for dps, and honestly I want to be one of the most powerful players once I hit 55. (Ambitions :))

I've been saving credits and I have about 3 mill, my question is what would be the best gear to get/buy to get the highest dps and other stats needed to just roll through PvP and raids ect.. I wear the valiant Jedi armor because its imo the best looking legit Jedi outfit so obviously I would need mods ect for those pieces.


Any ideas on saber crystals, mods, enhancements and other items to get the highest possible dps? No credit limit just tell me what I need :)


Thanks in advance!

If you give good advice and your on Jedi cov ill hook you up.

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