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Selfheals and threat


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I was thinking about one thing when I was tanking on my assassin. Does my self-healing account to threat I produce? And if yes is it multiplied by stance? I usually parse about 250 HPS so if it was transferred to threat produced it would mean 125 TPS more if not multiplied by stance and 250 HPS otherwise.


Anyone can clarify it?

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Interesting, is that 250 HPS excluding overheals? I know from my parsing that over healing does not cause any threat. Sadly I do not have a Shadow/Sin of sufficient level and cannot test whether stance affects healing threat.


I suggest you upload logs into Torparse.com as it also parses threat, including which abilities cause threat and you will be able to see if any was gained from self heals.

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Looked through a random log I updated from an SM KP run on my sintank, mostly done to observe how threat worked.


Going through the log was actually interesting with wondering about it, and it seems it was answered, altough it doesn't tell me if it applies practically (ex log tells me karagga is building threat on me)


But overall : Dark Charge self heals do 100% threat

Force Lightning HD healing does 50% threat.


That would mean stance has no effect, HOWEVER the "does a high amount of threat" linked to a move would apply.


Still explains how sin are so good at holding threat.


You can't make a perfect threat curve of it if the overhealing lack of threat is true, since you have no idea which heals where overhealed or not, BUT You can probably avererage it somewhat.



Log I updated a while back:





(note I was playing around with rotation, and was also grossly overgeared for the fight. The main damage source in that fight was the lag that made me take a tick or two of burning oil. That also meant I was keeping HD stacks when my health was firmly at 100% waiting for the darn burning oil damage where it was more efficient. Also was keeping an eye out on some dps that were learning to see if they did everything right (mostly mouse droid and getting out of vortex)


Soo I KNOW its not a perfect rotation, otherwise I don't update it to torparse for bragging rights, but for curiosity about various effects :p (in case some theorycrafter want to take a jab at it lol)

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20:41:28.527 Adsoyo's Force Lightning heals Adsoyo for 617, causing 617 threat.

20:41:44.993 Adsoyo's Force Lightning heals Adsoyo for 617.

20:43:05.614 Adsoyo's Force Lightning heals Adsoyo for 617, causing 366 threat.


20:41:20.179 Adsoyo's Dark Charge heals Adsoyo for 228, causing 228 threat.

20:41:44.993 Adsoyo's Dark Charge heals Adsoyo for 228.

20:45:16.127 Adsoyo's Dark Charge heals Adsoyo for 228, causing 95 threat.


20:44:09.660 Adsoyo's Hollow heals Adsoyo for 3085, causing 3085 threat.


20:41:19.662 Adsoyo's Basic Medpac heals Adsoyo for 282, causing 282 threat.


I picked these lines out of a log. So dark charge and force lightning both cause 1 threat per healing, and 0 threat for over-healing. From a mechanical perspective the heals cause 50% threat multiplied by the 2x threat modifier for being in dark charge.


Similarly, hollow is worth 10% of your health as threat as long as it doesn't over-heal. Medpacs also cause 1 threat per healing.

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It's also important to note that healing threat is diluted by the number of targets present: you generate the listed amount of threat *total* across all enemies you're currently engaged with in combat, divided equally amongst them. In ST boss fights, it'll amount to a decent amount of threat, but, in fights with adds and multiple bosses, you're going to see less "real" returns out of it because of this.
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