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The I Haz Hood Unlock


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We have been demanding it from the start. We want our jedi to look like jedi. we want sith to look like sith. We need hoods to pull this off. You demanded this from the develppers team and they started putting hoods on stuff. even some things that shouldnt have hoods! Dosnt matter you wanted hoods dammit! They listened to you!! contratulations! you has hood!


Sometims a hood is not a good thing :/ Sometimes you need that sexy sleek chestpice that has a awesome science fiction look to it. The sleek sexy stormtrooper comes to mind. Or Darth Vader. No hoods for that Sithlord. What we need is an unlock!


Introducing the I Haz Hood Unlock!

(This is a theoretical discussion about a in game feature i just invented and is not currently available)

Your armor Haz no hood? :( For the low, low price of 320CC you can use the special chestpice hooding/un-hhding droid on the fleet to add a hood to any armor set you want!! WOW! I can be jedi!

But wait. You already haz hood? but you are not jedi or sith? No problem! The I haz hood credit (soon to be renamed to "Hood augmentation chip" (used with service droid - 03-ICUP) will allow you to remove a hood from any chestpice for the same price of 320CC. Can you beleave that!


All it costs is 320CC per hooding/De-hooding and in a single move you get to have the type of armo you want for your star wars adventure and the developers can stop stressing over weather or not they need to put a hood on the new armor they are currently designing. The answer is alwase yes and no! Ive just improved productivity by 3000%. Lets face it. The biggest diffrence between the 2 looks that people want is a hood of some sort. My sniper looks awesome with no hood. At least i think so. and that's my feelings not yours. My style is the sleek sexy sciencefiction look. The imperial guards or even robocop. he looked looked very cool. but he didnt have a hood.

You get to look awesome and you will pay to do it. you know you will! have forseen it. MWHAHAHAHAHA *evil laughter*

(I want free cartell coins for giving the developers a instant money making strategy that will make people happy... happy to spend money)


The best part? Everyone that has a recently hooded chestpice gets 1 FREE Hood augmentation chip! To use however you like. Or... If you dont want it you can just sell it on the GTN like all other CC stuff! Im a genius :D

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yes people have been asking for it since day 1 and still nothing. its so low on the priority list that noone looks at it. ever. making it a payed service makes the develpoers intrested. (ill take my cut now please BW)
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