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Mod ripping error


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I screwed something up and not sure where.


A while ago I ripped the armoring and mods from War Hero War Leader and popped it into a piece of orange legacy waist armor. I have all the main pieces plus some in war hero.


I wanted to do something similar for one of my last pieces of BM, the bracer. I purchased a war hero hand piece but I can't pop it into the bracer.



a) I'm misremembering what armor piece I actually got the armoring from. The armoring says it's War Hero Rage Armoring 26. That sure doesn't sound like War Leader to me, so I guess it's possible. I can't imagine buying anything other than War Leader though.


b) You have to match piece for piece (ie. hand armor can only go in a hand piece). This doesn't seem possible. I swear I had ripped mods out of a hand piece to put it in my belt, but right now I'm open to suggestions.


c) WH Armoring mods have a "lore" effect where you can only have one type of that armoring on any one character. Possible I suppose, but again, that means I misremembered where I got the armoring mod from. At one level it makes sense though as the bonus is tied to the armorings.


So, those that are smart, please educated me-who is not.

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Armorings from the 5 piece armor set are bound to slot chest to chest, legs to legs. The only way to put PVP Armorings into belts/bracers is if your class has an armoring in its offhand weapon, like BH/Troopers.


Armoring = slot bound (head, chest etc)

Mod / Enhancement / Crystal = free to move anywhere

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Right, I didn't mod the WH bracer, I was using a legacy bracer in place of the WH bracer. At least that was the thought :p


What I'm doing is farming EWH bracer to put the mod and armoring on my Battlemaster pieces, I don't have to farm the chestpiece, head, boots and pants because the battlemaster piece give me the bonus set.

The EWH bracer cost 1250 RWZ, it's pretty fast.

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