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Cool Smuggler gear


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What do you guys think makes the coolest looking smuggler? Show us pics!


I personally, even though I wish it could be possible, like the way "Lefty" Gandarak looks:




I mean in the swtor progression for smugglers it showed the guy wearing this outfit, but I haven't been able to find it.

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As a smuggler, I think all of the smuggler gear looks like crap.


What's with the trench coats with the popped collars? Did Humphrey Bogart get resurrected in the '80s as a smuggler or something? And the jackets are horrible, what's with the freaking towel around the neck collars and the Fist Full Of Dollars poncho? And those are your choices... besides the one jacket and one vest that look normal... oh thank you fanbois for making me look like I think I'm Harrison Ford. My smuggler wears sith warrior gear becuase it actually looks better... sad.


Don't even get me started on the Poncho Villa hat collection.

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