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Buff sage dps


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I have a 50 sage and 50 sentinel.


my sage is in a mixture of 63 and 61. i consider myself a skilled and experienced player with good control. but in telekinetic spec, the best i can do on op dummy is 1650 dps over 6min, with rakata adrenal!!! and i'm working my *** off to get that number.


Now let's come see my sentinel, he's in a mixture of 61 and warhero. in watchman spec, he can pull 1790 dps over 6min already, even if rotation messed up, still 1750 is not hard at all. and no adrenals whatsoever.


Why is there such a huge gap between dps classes? Why is sage pulling so low dps now?

Quite a number of people use telekinetic spec in PVE. theoritically, it shows the best dps, but in reality, server lag and everything, it's almost making this tree unplayable and not viable at all.


I suggest a buff to sage's telekinetic tree so as to make it comparable to the other dps classes the gap now is just ridiculous now. otherwise, we'll be forced to play heal only for sages.

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