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Absorbing Smaller Guilds (offering Favorable Terms)


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Force Induction


We are seeking smaller and medium sized guilds that are having trouble surviving alone. We offer favorable terms and prominent positions for your GMs & Officers. Many guilds have disbanded in recent months but there's no reason for you to break off in separate directions. Keep your core group together and join us. We will even allow you to keep half of your women ;). We support weekly Ops, Guild PvP, Ventrilo, Guild Bank, & a website. Please reply in this thread, in a PM, or in game to discuss your situation and how we might relieve your burden while finding a workable solution for us all as we expand our reach on the server.


Benefits of Merging:

  • Maintain your prominent position without the stress of having to be a 'one man band.'

  • Instant respect and perks as a former guild that has merged into a growing, winning atmosphere

  • Active, Experienced Guild Leadership who know how to sustain a successful guild

  • Organized Rank Structure where loyalty is rewarded

  • Guild Bank with appropriate access dependent upon rank

  • Ventrilo available 24/7 for game or personal use to guild members

  • Growing active website with Guild News & valuable "How To" Information


Our Operation Atmosphere:

While we stand by the claim that we are a 'casual' raiding guild, we encourage our members to focus on being successful in Operations. People in the guild who fail to improve will NOT be booted from the guild or anything silly like that. However, in an effort to have an enjoyable successful experience, people who are dedicated to improving their skill will be chosen to participate over those who aren't. There is no reason we should make the same mistakes 3 times in a row.



We have some skilled PvPers but we are always looking for more so we can start building consistent ranked PvP Teams. We have an entire forum dedicated to it's discussion on our website.


You can always check out our full recruitment thread here ---> http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=534220

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I know there are small guilds out there forming that sadly will come to realize running a guild is not always it's cracked up to be. When you understand the time it takes to make these things sustain is too much, come to us. We've got the cure for your sickness and will honor your previous leadership with an appropriate rank ;)
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