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dps/heal sage spec


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Don't know if its the same for other folks but the link isn't working for me, takes me to Torhead just not to a specific build.


That said, while I either run full heal (if I plan on pve healing within a day or two) or the standard 21/20 stun-bubble (I like to call it the jackrabbit spec, but alas it never caught on) I did for awhile dink with a dps/healing hybrid that was built to basically be a healer that threw out the occasional surprise burst.


If I recall the spec I settled on when running that way was 21/2/18


Which was fun because it had the same healing output of the 21/20 survival healer build but mixed in nice occasional burst, throwing out a pebble (for PoM proc)--> Mind Crush--> Force In Balance--> Project combo for a good chunk out of someone.



The only issue was that it was a very force-hungry spec and the 1% return on pebble spam does not recoup in any effective manner.

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