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Not absolutely sure about the question:


So you have char 1 with the 400 diplo and now you would like to make char B ( the IA) which should focus on armor - right?


Armormech is best accompanied by salvaging and underworld trading.


Diplomacy is the supplementary skill for crafting biochem stuff typically going with bioanalysis.

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It's Imperial Agent.


Look at your companion bonuses.


Kaliyo: +10 eff Armstech, +2 crit underworld trading

Vector: +5 eff Bioanalysis, +5 Crit Diplomacy

Doctor Lokin: +15 eff Biochem, +10 eff investigation

Ensign Temple: +10 eff Scavenging, +2 Crit Armormech

SCORPIO: +10 eff Cybertech, +2 Crit Slicing


Your only crafting crit bonus is to Armormech, but you also get a complementary crit to UT, so Armormech isn't a bad choice.


You get an excellent crit bonus to Diplomacy however. This will mean you will find it easier to get the materials needed for end-game biochem items - Exotech stims, Rakata medpacs etc.


Personally, I like to level as a gatherer - e.g. with bioanalysis, slicing and scavenging - and make the choice as to what mission and crafting skills to specialise in later when I have 4 or 5 companions already. Slicing makes you a lot of money, and you can either hoard the mats you get to level your skills later or sell them on GTN.

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