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PvE Scoundrel/Operative DPS


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Something has to be done about this. The perception is that they are not worth having around and are not being invited to operations.


Please look at this thread for the perception: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=548529


Lostpenguins said:


And, to be brutally honest, you would never get a spot in our raids. There's 0 reasons to bring a dps Operative. You're going to pull about 30% less dps than the rest of the group....

The fact that you bring a serious lack of dps is not compensated by a gimic play that is used so rarely. In the bulk of your fights, you won't need to rez someone. If your'e constantly relying on 2 rez's a fight, you're probably doing something wrong.


I know it sounds harsh, but I'm just giving you the reality. Juggs and Ops dps are far behind and utility is almost never an excuse for letting it be that way. There's nothing really needed from Juggs and Ops in DPS mode that can't be done by someone else in the group who is more efficient. Need a dps to taunt? You can do that with a DPS Powertech or a DPS Sin. Need out of combat rez? A Sin or Ops Healer can do it. Need a combat rez? DPS/Heal Sorcs, DPS/Heal Mercs, and Heal Ops can all do it.


Utilities should make someone more enticing to bring, not be an excuse as to why they perform so low for the role they are filling.




I strongly suggest buffing the class and advertising the changes so the perception will change. There has not been more than 3 op/scoundrel DPS for PvE in sight since I was leveling my main last December.


Some suggestions:


increase the amount of time it takes for upper hand to disappear. maybe put something in 2nd/3rd tier of scrapper since dirty fighting does not have the same energy problems as scrapper... unless you dont want scrapper to be viable in PvE... which might be what you are going for...


put the cunning buff in the dirty fighting tree and put the healing buff in the healing tree. this should help get points into increasing vital shot time and vital shot dps.


Get rid of the endurance/defense/stealth buffs in the scrapper/concealment tree. The increase damage in warzones will be a good enough trade for the loss of survivabilitty. put in something that increases damage.

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