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PvE HL - Sharpshooter? Saboteur? Dirty Fighting?


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Hi there, i create this thread to compare the 3 specialties (and more with hybrid templates) of the gunslinger for the PvE HL, so i made videos (with TORParse of the fight in the description) of all bosses of TFB HM in sharpshooting spec (31/5/5) because it's actually the highest operation of the game.


And so, i invite all other gunslingers (just specify your spec) to put their TORParse of fights against TFB HM bosses (and of nightmare Denova when there will be the 1.5 patch) to see what is the best spec because we can't judge with just one or two examples i think.


1st boss (The Writhing Horror)




2nd boss (The Dread Guards)




3rd boss (Operator IX)




4th boss (Kephess the Undying)




5th boss (The Terror from Beyond)




Akopra :)

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