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Forums are more crowded than the game. GJ


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Really in the most crowded beta weekend, with less servers, with less fuss, with less etc...WE DID FINE!

We didn't whine on forums for the lag(i had no lag), queue, etc. WE PLAYED THE GAME!

Now, WE WHINE, and we whine and i agree with people F5-ing their email.


I don't expect any early invite because i pre-ordered in NOV and August is not even in the first day.


I'm a proud member of the red zone. I have 300euro/mo salary and still bought this. I don't expect anything for free, i don't like to whine, but this system is sooooo bad. I cant believe i got attracted into this. 10 years of mmo and more than 15 years of gaming never seen this.


Now i've learned my lesson. No more early access with a * in the title. NO MORE PRE-ORDERS. Just buy a damn CD key on the day it starts and we are good to go.


Note.... ONE MORE BONUS WAVE! YAY :t_tongue:

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