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Level cap increase: Is it always going to happen this quickly


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First of all major disclaimer... the following post is almost exclusively the opinion of a single person... yours may vary and that is fine.


I was unable to buy the game when it first launched... and now that I have I have been playing quite slowly... With that said... Now that the level cap is going to be raised what does this mean for the endgame content and the people who haven’t done it as much as they would like if at all?


Although the level up experience in this game has been great compared to others... It does not compare (in my opinion) to playing endgame...


So my question to bioware is this... are we going to be getting level cap increases so often that the slower players aren't going to experience the majority of endgame (playing a level 50 opp at 60 does not count).


Would be nice to know this before I invest much more time into my character... Understandable if the game isn't for me but would like to know sooner rather than later...


Sense I doubt anyone form Bioware will answer this directly (They can't answer every thread) if anyone can find any news regarding this please let me know.


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