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Excited about the announced content as an unsubbed player


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I unsubbed as soon as I heard about 1.3 which has cool features but no content at all.

But now I watched the E3 video and I'm somewhat excited.

First off I must say the new planet is meh but well it means loads of quests and visuals.

I would really hate the level cap increase, if I was playing. Now I don't give a crap but I think it's an insult to the active players. As far as we know a level cap increase makes all FPs and OPs and gear obsolete.

New companion is really exciting. It brings along a huge load of possibilities.

The new space mission looks extremely cool, so does the new ops.

I'm going to resub as soon as the new companion hits, finish the new content and unsub again until the next content update, of course unless the new content comes up before I finish the existing ones.

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