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Which BM Enhancements?


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So I'm in the process of remodding my BM Survivor gear w/ DPS stats, and I came across a small issue.


I've always played my Tankassin as a semi tanky-tank, stacking Defense but not Shield Rating or Absorb Rating and wearing a shield. I recently joined a guild that wishes to utilize me as a more dps-oriented Tankassin, so I switched to 23/0/17 and picked up a focus.


My dps has gone up considerably, even though I'm still rocking the Survivor gear. I'm picking up the Stalker 2 pc bonus and replacing the pieces that have SR/Absorb w/ Power. I wanted to replace the other Def mods/enhancements I had w/ Power or Surge, but the only dps-oriented ones are Accuracy/Power, Accuracy/Crit, and Defense/Surge. I was also really surprised to find out that warriors get the only set of mods that don't include accuracy. Hmph. : P


My current stats are:

18462 HP

296.4 Bonus damage (unbuffed)

1110 Expertise

101.68% Accuracy

26.01% Crit (unbuffed)

69.32 % Crit Multiplier

20.44% Defense


Should I just go ahead and replace the defense I have w/ Accuracy mods? Or should I keep my defense the same and go w/ the 20 defense / 51 surge mods, since my Surge is a bit low?


Edit: Or is all of this stupid in general, and I should just go w/ base stats and save up for WH? : P

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