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  1. You seem to be assuming that I don't understand that. I just found it to be ironic in an amusing sort of way. Arguing that there wasn't a large PvP community that contributed to the longevity of the game shortly after launch is just silly, as that's simply just a fact. I don't have an agenda. I don't even care about the game enough anymore to have one. I only returned because it was a fun memory and I thought I'd give it another shot after all of these years. I find it hilarious, however, that the remaining community is acting in this manner from a simple casual observation. It's no wonder this game is dead if this is the community that players have been encountering, though. Ah well, guess I'm outta here again. Not like there's not plenty of other (active) fish in the sea. /shrug
  2. I'm talking about things being the opposite from what they were from 5 years ago. I'm not sure you have been around long enough to even have any idea what I'm talking about. /shrug However, if you WERE around, back then, perhaps you will remember this quote: “The first was that although we had not originally planned the game to be heavily PVP-focused, the ease of getting in and playing the Warzones combined with their fun design gave us the highest PvP participation of any modern triple-A MMO. At that point we turned a huge amount of our resources to PVP development" It was a long time ago, I know, but there was a very large and extremely active PvP community here once upon a time. While PvE was still being worked on, it was this community that helped to keep SWTOR afloat. There's no "confirmation bias", just a simple statement of facts.
  3. Um, the 4v4 stuff didn't even exist back then, so no. OW PvP was pretty fun on Ilum and such, but not that. After all, that was about the time that we were discovering that OW PvP in large numbers was simply not ever going to be what Bioware advertised it to be. Mostly that the old warzones were really popular w/ an active streaming community, while there was only a single Operation out and not really considered challenging. WZs were pretty much the go-to endgame activity for most players while PvE was still being developed and many PvErs were leaving the game, rather than wait for content to be released. ...thus the server merges, as players were leaving the game in droves. Bioware themselves said that they were surprised by how popular the PvP in SW:TOR had turned out to be, as they had maily focused on the PvE aspect of the game near launch. Now fast forward 5 years, and the PvP community seems to be languishing while PvE is considered the real meat of the game. I just find it interesting how things have come pretty much full circle is all.
  4. Strange reading stuff like this. Last time that I was an active player, it was PvP that was pretty much keeping this game afloat before it finally went f2p.
  5. I think 75% is being a little optimistic that so many people can't figure out dropping a stealth scan in the opposite direction they saw a stealther heading when they vanished. <.<
  6. All good also. I was just saying that Juggernaut is capable of putting up more damage generally, thanks to the double Leap. Forgot to mention their Single Saber Mastery talent that also buffs their damage a bit higher than Maras are able to go.
  7. Double Force Leap (works wonders w/ Vindicator set bonus and Rage talents) and Intervene (or whatever the move is that lets you leap to a friendly) to get out of trouble.
  8. I always saw Carnage as a higher risk / reward spec, personally, as you aren't receiving heals unless you're queued w/ one. Then again, I've been Carnage pretty much 100% of the time (my fiance plays Annihilation very well, so we compare notes from time to time). Anni is more mobile via shorter cd Force Charge (which can be used to get out of trouble) and shuts down casters almost brainlessly w/ multiple interrupts. Carnage hits harder up front (although I haven't caught a good player w/ a full Gore-buffed Ravage in a while), but has a lot less staying power than Anni under fire. Anni does have a higher ramp-up time than Carnage, but it also has a lot more leeway in order to reach those milestones. The trade-off is that you need to watch your opponent's debuffs and your own rage bar more closely, which can be complicated if you're not used to doing so. Carnage, on the other hand, needs to watch its surroundings more closely because it's just so very easy to get caught w/ your pants down, and has the weakest defenses and lowest mobility of all 3 specs. Also, from a pure total damage standpoint, Annihilation has the easiest time of all 3 specs getting to the top of the scoreboard if you just spam Rupture on everyone around you on cd, which also increases your healing at the same time, allowing you to deal damage for a longer period of time. Carnage has no similar mechanic to increase its staying power. Just my 2 creds. /shrug
  9. It's really not all that bad w/out a pocket healer... You'll go down easier than Annihilation certainly, but as long as you use your defensive abilities and Camo, it can still be a pretty formidable spec in most situations. And of course, sometimes the best defense can be a strong offense as well. : )
  10. Why can't he be serious? ...he's absolutely correct. Force Leap should be the last resort for an opener in almost every case. /shrug
  11. They never said they were going to do roll backs. All they said was that they would look into it. They never even said that any action was going to be taken, just that they would look into it and decide what to do about it from there. The rest of that stuff is just what some people wanted them to do, but BW never said those things. Either way, win trading sucks, but all of this is going to be wiped for the start of Season 1 anyway.
  12. Haha, I took a month-long hiatus to take care of some RL things. Guild wasn't all that pleased, but most of them moved to GW2 anyway. Time's been pretty sporadic lately; I'll look for you next time I'm on, though. : )
  13. Wasn't all that long ago that people would have simply assumed you were a FOTM reroller too, especially as a Shadow tank. Maybe you should stop making assumptions. /shrug
  14. Do the forums count as a rival? <.<
  15. Haven't touched this game in over a month, but I subscribe to the TOR forums because they are really that entertaining.
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