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Character Re-customisation


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Hi all!


Sorry if this has already been posted, had a quick scan of the suggestion box and couldn't see it.


I think it would be a great idea of players could have an option to re-customise their character's appearance (paid or free). I rolled an assassin when I first started playing SWToR with no intentions of tanking so I chose the smallest body type, but I started tanking from level 10 and loved it (I now tank end-game operations). It gets pretty annoying having the small body type as a tank, I would much rather have the ability to change my body type to something larger (and something that feels more tanky).



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would also like that as i want to change around the look on a few of my characters...say you pay 10 euro for 1 character recustomization legacy name change included....and say a 25 euro payment for beeing able to change around on all your characters look including race change


and a 15 euro fee for a side change(republic to empire and empire to republic)(1 character only)

and 25 euro for multiple character side change


i bet they could add alot of extra income with adding those 4 services

lets say you set a 5 day active time before you cant change around anymore and or add a "Locked in(i'm all done changing around now button)

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I support this as well.


Started a Republic side toon, rolled a twi'Lek Jedi knight. Based on my experience with twiLek in the beta...hoods worked..so I made one.


No robe I put on displays a hood, and it doesn't look as good as a hooded Jedi IMO. Really ruins the experience for me. I was going to reroll, but he's almost 25 now...so I'd much rather pay a couple bucks and go Human or something else that hoods work on.

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