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Warning: Smuggler Spoiler with NO TAGS!


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For the duel on Alderaan with Xin Baliss, I was reduced to laughing hysterically during the actual "Duel".


Xin: Talking smack about how he's the fastest, best, and I'm a n00blet.


Me: Draw! *shoots him*


Xin: Talking trash about how the duel hadn't even started yet, and QQing because I "broke the rules".


Me: How about now? *shoots him again*


Xin: Ok! Ok! You win!! The duel's over!


Me: GTHO, nublet!


That was basically how my fight went with him. Wasn't even a boss fight. Just me punking him out.


So if anyone has similar situations, post them here. :D

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Here's an early Bounty Hunter one I was always fond of:



Your target Vexx: Vexx is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill thug, oh no. Vexx is the galaxy's greatest quickdraw artist. Vexx can shoot your ears off so fast you won't even hear yourself scream.


BH: Show me. *shoots him*


Vexx: Cheater!


And in the "keeping a cool head in a tight situation" department, a Smuggler negotiation with some Imperial guards:

Imperial Officer: This is Imperial property! Freeze!

Smuggler: If I listen, does that mean you won't shoot me? Because that seems out of character.

Imperial Soldier: Good point. Don't we usually shoot them anyway...?

Imperial Officer: Shut up!


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