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Pvp is dead


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im playing on Scepter of ragnoss.....

and the pvp is dead we are in bad need of x-realm pvp.

There is no pvp at all. the daily is a weekly for us.

And i enjoy the pvp but its quite hard to pvp when the server is dead.


And theres another issue by the time x-realm pvp is happening most people on dead

servers will be undergeared, cause we couldnt farm pvp and because of that we are undergeared...

i cant see why this wasnt implented way back...or atleast server transfers/merges.


you lost so many people due to this already, you should really start working it out or else you will

loose some more subscribers i can assure you...cause atm all i can do is raid once a week

(we clear everything on 1 night in ec hm 2 if we have a bad evening)

after that i can just stand on the ship admire the 7 people online on fleet.


this is becoming a big issue no matter what fancy stuff youll make it wont work on dead servers.

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Yup u are right...server transfers are coming soon though!! Read up on watch coming in patch 1.3 you will be excited. Oh and mr james ohlen has also said in a tweet they hope to push out server transfers before 1.3, I'm sure they realize the issues they are having atm
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yeah but 1.3 is at soonest in early july...this issue has been alot longer i just amde the post cause now its extremly bad, i mean its not fun paying for something you cant use more then 1 day a week. its quite ignorant that this wasnt

adressed earlier im usually not a forum whiner but this is just silly. and its not only this server its most servers...

i mean sure its not an issue of you are on fatman for example but for most people its just not fun.



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