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  1. they talked about either doing - the ability to customize/change things in a ship or - the ability to purchase different ships Im going to assume they're gonna go with the ability to purchase different ships since thats the lazier/cheaper route
  2. you have no idea how swtor bans accounts now that the f2p launch has happened this community is so full of people who have zero idea what they're talking about. all speculation
  3. you would think so. but EA is too cheap to hire anyone to moderate the game anymore. 2 credit farmers(for the same website) spammed general on Pof5 for 36 hours. i even went to sleep woke up and posted some items on the GTN and he was still spamming EA doesn't care about this game anymore
  4. it could be. and i'd never rule that out but then why did they ignore this with the tank and the DPS companions? Khem is pretty sweet with this self heal, but i dont see other tank companions getting that so i propose the question to you. why would they specifically do this for healers but not DPS and tanks? again, ill go with saying they're lazy. . .any more excuses you can come up with for them?
  5. one spammed the Pot5 server for 36 hours straight before he was removed(across two different accounts)
  6. gotta be the biggest list ever
  7. comments like this make me laugh. grass is always greener, it's just some are too ignorant to admit it
  8. . . .can you seriously not look at the front page of the pvp forum? http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=564052 there's no need to create another thread
  9. Lore your MMOs with zero lore are that way ------>
  10. FourTwent

    Bioware hates PvP

    right, because hordes of 50s NEVER come to help out i dunno if you know how true pvp works. your super hardcore and ultra elite pve operations are that way ----->
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