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Star Wars Trials


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Apparently, once someone's email address is sent an offer for a trial (including the old weekend 'events) their email address is FOREVER locked out from receiving another, even if they did not accept the offer.


This is, without a doubt, not as big of an issue as the server population or many - many - other things. However, I do believe this is a design oversight.


In March, I thought I could get some hardware laying around to function well enough for my girlfriend to try the game out. I sent her an invite for a weekend pass that was going on at the time, but I was not able to get everything working.


Since then, I have been trying to save some money to replace the faulty hardware. Tonight, the last pieces came in, so I got it up and running and ready for her to install / run SWTOR.


She was not able to receive a Trial Pass from my account. Her previous trial pass (for the weekend event) was expired - duh. When I called customer service, they told me that it was standard procedure NOT to unlock accounts, even though her account was all of 20 minutes old.


Its not that I didn't enjoy the conversation with the agent. He was very polite and professional. However, something as simple as this should have just been fixed on the spot given the circumstances.


I am putting this here because I am NOT asking for help on the matter. I gave her the options and she chose to create another email address, accept the SWTOR Trial on the new email address, and create a new account. Instead, I am putting this here to let you know that some potential customers may be outright screwed out of a free trial for absolutely no good reason what-so-ever, and it was (is) very frustrating.

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