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Diablo 3 is here, so finally I have something new to play.


Yes, Diablo is not an MMO, or even very similar, but I know one thing, it will at least be a solid game, and you know what you are getting. Blizzard has an incrdeible track record and they don't release bad games, period.


I thought and hoped SWTOR would be the game I would play years, bought into the hype, and really all I wanted was a GOOD WOW clone with star wars slapped on it. I would have been happy and satisfied with that. That was simply not delivered.


I have done it all in this game, I'll spare the details, but when I say all, I mean ALL the content. Done all there is in PVE and PVP'ed till my eyes bled, on multiple characters.


Watched 3 guilds die and leave the game, after beating the first tier on 16 man, my first guild laughed and left. After beating all the 1.2 PVE content in the first week, my second guild laughed and left. Now finally I am in a PVP guild but even they pretty much have now agreed that this game is just not good, and they are spread out playing Tera, Diablo 3 tonight, and waiting on GW2 or even going back to WOW.


I leave this game with mostly irritation and anger. When I look back on my time in WOW, I think of epic pvp and incredibly good times with my guild killing raid bosses, good memories. I will never go back to WOW because it is old, and I refuse to support it, I want something new, but I still recognize it as arguably the greatest video game of all time.


I look back on SWTOR and just feel annoyed that I wasted 5 months here on a subpar game. The MMO genre is awful right now. No one can push Blizzard, and that lets Blizzard be lazy as they just continue to milk WOW with no incentive to make anything better..........for now.


How can you fail at making a WOW clone with the star wars name and a huge budget? Sigh..............


Anyways, bye, my server is dead, I think this game is dying, and that is of course only my opinion, but it sure seems a popular one.


This thread I expect to be closed or deleted, that is how Bioware runs these forums. Quitting posts are literally encouraged on the Blizzard forums, and swept under the rug here. I think soon though it won't matter, it will be a moot point.


See you all in whatever the next big thing is. I plan on just playing Diablo 3 until someone has the balls to shake up the MMO genre and make us care again.

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Hello Eddizel!


We appreciate feedback, both positive and negative. However, we do ask that that feedback is constructive. This post goes into more detail about what we're looking for in feedback and how to make sure your feedback is constructive and helpful.


With that in mind, we're going to go ahead and close the thread. If you have suggestions for the game, we have a forum for specific suggestions, the Suggestion Box. We encourage you to continue your discussion in a constructive manner.


Thank you for understanding and helping us make sure that the forums are as constructive and helpful as possible!

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