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Tales of Valors


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As the title says, I thought it would be nice for us to share our war stories in here


Yesterday I was deployed to fight in the Novare campaign.

At the start, our plan was to split into teams of 2 and 6 to take the west and south bunkers. I was one of the 2 assigned to take the west, the other was a good guardian. Now this would been a cake walk but the empire did a sneak attack and overwhelmed us at the west bunker. So at start the empire had control of the east and west. It went on for a while while our army of the republic tried to take the west to reinforce the south. We were failing , approaching 16% strength while the empire was at 86%.


Then something happened, we all went out and attacked them in 3 spot and we managed to split the empires defense and finally got control of the west along with the south. We were still at 16% but with our hold on both bunkers, the empire started to crumble and slowly we were able to launch the offensive and we won the battle.


This was an epic fight and felt like we were in the "Hope" trailer.

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