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Revamping The Flashpoints & Solo Instances


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First things first. All Flashpoints should be able to be scaled to lvl 50 and with the possibility to do them in Hard Mode. Some of the most fun flashpoints are low level ones, like Athis, Mandalorian Raiders, Red Reaper, etc. Once you get to lvl 50 there isn't much point in doing them, aside from the fun of redo them or helping a low lvl guild member or friend.


The other day a friend and i helped a guild member to do Colicoid Wars, and it was a blast, but all the loot went to him, since everything was worhtless to us (lvl 50's), not even the credits seemed worth in obtaining them.


With that said, we need all Flashpoints to be able to scale them to lvl 50, like The Esseles/Black Talon one.


In the other hand, all bosses in all the flashpoint need to drop credits, specially the hard mode ones... its just absurd that only the final one drops and armor piece and craft mat and a recipe that is bind on acquired and that the product crafted is bind on craft (this is one of the most absurd things i have seen in all my mmo time).


Make final bosses to drop large sums of credits: 200k to 400k depending in the difficulty of the flashpoints, so everyone in the group can get a fairly good sum, like 50k to 100k. Its not fun to end a Flashpoint and have to spend 25k to 30k in repair bills.


Final boss should also drop a variety of recipes that are "NOT BIND ON ACQUIRED". We need to stimulate the crafting community. With that said, the product crafted from those recipes should "NOT BE BIND ON CRAFT". We need crafters to be able to make that stuff and be able to sell them, otherwise there is no point to them. The recipes need also to be for good items, not as good as columni, but at least as good as tionese, so people will actually care about crafting, selling and buying them.


Also, final bosses should drop, beside the armor piece, random weapon and armor modification items, like: hilts, armoring, barrels, enhancements, mods, etc... and they need to be good to very good, so i am think blue and purple ones... When i say random i mean all bosses have a chance of dropping them and can be from a pool of items, not make them instance specific. Blue ones can have a 35% of chance of dropping, while purple ones 20%.


With all these addons i can guaranty that people will keep on doing flashpoints, despise of having full columni or rakata sets, because they will want those mods and the money, or the recipes.


On the other matter:


There is a discussion here: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=356454 about adding solo instances, and a lot of people has given some cool ideas, like making them to be bound to companion stories, its worth checking and reading through the pages, because this will give the people that likes doing solo content a lot do do in the end game content scenario, and not force them to group up if they don't want to.


Here are my thoughts about it:


I think this is a really good idea, and maybe we can add more to it than simple adding 1 man flashpoints...


Right now companion stories are boring... i would like to see companion epic missions, were you have to go and do a flashpoint that its originated from the story of your companions and you have to go and do it with them, and enjoy a nice story.


Every companion should be able to give you a 1 man flashpoint to do at lvl 50 and you must do it with them, and the reward for the bosses could be tionese/columni commendations, or something worth getting so they keep us doing them :D


Companions in the endgame are useless... Devs said that companions should play a huge role in the game!

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