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Community Q&A – May 11th, 2012 Blog Discussion

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ZeusThunder: Why were the vendors removed from Warzones? They seemed to be harmless and the community didn't appear to mind them.


Gabe: A number of players would queue up for a quick vendor/repair and leave the match to go back to whatever else they were doing. This impacted enough matches that the cons started to outweigh the pros. We plan on getting tech to disable the sell and repair functions on a vendor, at which time we’ll be able to justify turning them back on for those players who want to purchase consumables mid-match, etc.


If the fleet had a pvp vendor that sold all of the items then this would never have been an issue.


Wookieluva: In a previous Q&A it was stated that there will be a way to add augment slots to existing items! I like the idea but was wondering about how it is planned to put it in. Would it be by adding a crafted item to the armor? Or would it be put in by some long-winded quest? Or both?


David: Adding an augment to an item through the augment table will require an augment kit and credits. The kits can be traded and are created by crafters. Reverse engineering crafted items will give you the materials required to create augment kits. You can also see other previously answered questions and my answers in regards to this topic here.


So we are going to need to collect and store yet more resources? Why not use some of the ton of different materials we already have?

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