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Fix the game!!


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I've read over 90 Star Wars Books, watched all 6 movies countless times and not once have I seen the Bounty Hunter be as dominant as it is in this game and has been since the day it was released. Why can that class ALWAYS dominate EVERY war-zone? Why is that the only class that has 4000 to 6000 crits while at a full run.

Why is the Light Saber the WEAKEST WEAPON in the Game? Based on how this game has turned out for a large majority of us, Jedi are just flat out stupid. We bring a light saber to a gunfight. Even Luke carried a blaster, but he dropped the blaster and used his light saber, not the other way around. Boy, those troopers were real tough in the movies huh? Yoda and Obi-Wan took out 10 of them in 3 seconds without a scratch, but in this game, they are GODS. Do people at Bioware HONESTLY NOT KNOW WHY PEOPLE ARE LEAVING?? Flashpoints SUCK. People have rolled alts till they're sick and almost every server is imperial dominated. The imps cry learn to play, the rep cry class balance, and the hackers type "are ya mad" after they use speed hacks and other Google skills they download. Why can Bioware not use Punk Buster to stop the memory editors being ran and why will they not do anything to the hackers when they catch them? Am I incorrect in saying that Bioware would rather lose honest players who are sick of being cheated or stolen from by hackers just to keep the monthly subscriptions? Guess that means that our monthly subscriptions don't matter. I will not resub this time cause this was just a scam. Keep the hackers in and I bet the subscriptions like mine will be greater than the ones of the hackers you refuse to do anything to.


Take care and please change the name of this game to something other than Star-Wars, because it is a disgrace. This is NOT Star Wars, and is nothing like the millions of pages written about Star Wars.

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