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Cross-Server Planet Instancing System


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We all know that Star Wars: The Old Republic uses an instancing system when player caps in a zone get too high. We saw it happen a lot in beta, and then still a fair amount for that first month after launch.


Population has dropped a bit since then, and a majority of the players at max level, low level planets suffer even lower populations making group content (the MMO part of MMORPG) or just plain grouping to quest on a planet pretty tough unless you have some friends online and at the same level as you willing to quest.


I point you to a post from MMO Champion:




BioWare already has the technology to instance areas automatically when populations become too high. Would you support the reverse? If the game could merge specific planets when the population is too low, would you enjoy it? Is this technologically feasible?


tl;dr version: Blizzard is implementing a low level, cross-server instancing system to bring the MMO back into MMORPG, especially while leveling. What do you think if this feature were used by Bioware?


Personally, I'd love to see this. It'd make those low level planets feel alive again, like they were in Beta. Plus, it opens a huge realm to allow for World PvP.

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