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the needs of the many....

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Ok admittadly i am not the many nor will i say i even think i speak for the many..... ok maybe i will think that but forgive me as i am several caipirinha into the evening. =)


Things I know we all think need to be done.


1. Server merges ASAP like they should have already just sucked it up and said wow we have massive issue and we need to deal with it now merge merge merge merge NOW. LOL any way the dev team should have been focusing almost completely on merging servers. It is a real issue, it is a major issue and it really will make or break the game at this point. They are kidding themselves if they actually look at the total subs that they have current and think that equals the amount of people that are playing. It does not equal it. WAKE up bioware and EA.


2. PvP needs to have its ranked phase like um yesterday. I am far from a PvP player but yeah it needs to have been done already and not some silly half witted phase one stuff going on. full on what you wanted to implement but didn't have time or the foresight to actually accomplish going live.


I will go further. you need a dymanic system for worlds in which players in contested areas and I dont mean sorta contested I mean quest on quest in same location going on sorta stuff mean something to the world dynamics from random spawning of opposite faction patrols even mid battle PvE to increased costs of travel on planet from taxi to even porting out of the planet to quests that open up (possibly dailies) only when a faction controls a star system ie planet.


Space has to be put into the mix. where you run space missions and it adds to the faction based issue of life. I will go further with space (yep you better be prepared to read and if you don't, I just don't care so stop now and save yourself the time =p) We need a real lucas arts open space PvP warzone simple as that. you dont even have to add skills that aren't already in game.


Basically Star wars is just that a galaxy far far away where well for all recorded history they are always at yep you guessed it WAR. and bioware you clearly are a fail in this department.


3. I applaud BW for continueally correcting bugs and i will forgive you for the latest addition of the matrix shards, well maybe not but yeah i will move past it cause you will either fix it or replace it simple as that. But for all that is worth while did i mention it already MERGE YOUR SERVERS.. ok i digress. More importantly you need a LFG option a tool of sorts that will allow us to find players that will or are willing to go on a mission with you. simple and easy to do.


4. guilds um yeah you wont ever have a mmo with out a proper guild system so really just go buy some time on any proper MMO that has been out for more than 3 years and do some creative stealing... simple.


5. I honestly dont care if you reply and say i am being pushy or rude or demanding, its called I pay monthly for the service and that gives me what ever right I want to post constructive thoughts. which they are so far even if you dont like them.




7. Honestly the game is solid even with all the people that complain it is dooms day and all that stuff. yes it has ways to go to meet my high expectations but I am here and have not cancelled and nor will I for the immediate future. I do think they need to work on what I have posted and sure there are many other things but in my mind those are the things that burn brighest.


Oh I forgot get off your damn high horse BW and make proper server forums to foster real community for those that will want to rant, talk smack or make new alliances.

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